[১] Barcelona will face Real Madrid in El Clিকsico at 8 pm

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[১] Barcelona will face Real Madrid in El Clিকsico at 8 pm

Sports Desk: [২] Barcelona and Real Madrid, two of Spain’s best clubs, face off today (October 24) in the first El Clাসsico of the season. The two teams will fight at New Camp at 8 pm Bangladesh time. The match can be seen live on social media Facebook.

[৩] Real Madrid arrived in Barcelona on Friday, Spain local time, to take part in the match. However, due to the corona infection, spectators will not be able to enter the field to watch the first El Clিকsico of the season. Where there is no place to store sesame seeds at other times, this time Messi and Benzema will have to play on a field without spectators.

[৪] However, Real Madrid is under a bit of pressure before El Clিকsico. They also lost in the UEFA Champions League after losing to Cadiz at home in La Liga. Los Bancos lost two matches before El Clিকsico.

[৫] Eden Hazard will not be able to play in today’s match against him. In September, he suffered a muscle injury. He has not recovered yet. Right back Dani Karbahal will not be able to play either. He is unlikely to return to the field before December due to a ligament injury.

[৬] Meanwhile, in the last match of La Liga, Barcelona lost, but they have won a big match in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. Lionel Messi got the goal there. That’s why Coach Koman’s disciples are in a bit of a cheerful mood before El Clিকsico. However, goalkeeper Mark Andre Tar Stegen will not be able to play for Barcelona today. The 26-year-old German star is suffering from a knee injury.

[৭] There is no Luis Suarez, no Neymar, no Antoine Griezmann in this year’s El Cl ক্লsico. Real does not have stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and Di Maria. But even then El Clিকsico’s appeal is different. Spain is shaking with El Clিকsico fever. Football fans around the world are looking forward to the first Real-Bar বারa match of the season.

[৮] So far, the two traditional Spanish clubs have met 244 times. Barcelona has won 98 times. Real Madrid also has 98 wins. 52 matches have been drawn. Those who will win today will be tilted towards them. – Marca / Goal.com / Risingbd



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