[১] I want free and fair elections even if I get one vote: Quader Mirza

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[১] I want free and fair elections even if I get one vote: Quader Mirza

Nur Uddin Murad: [৩] Vote for whomever you like. I swear, I will protest against injustice. Now I will protest against injustice and steal votes. What is it?

[৩] Why would anyone ask me to take a risk? I tell them ‘I want a free and fair election even if I get one vote. I want to prove in this country what democracy is, I want to prove what free and fair elections are!

[৪] Mayoral candidate Abdul Quader Mirza made the remarks at his last election rally at Rupali Chattar in Basurhat on Thursday (January 14th) morning.

[৫] He said Bangabandhu Mujib has brought freedom to establish the right to vote and rice of the people of this country. We have also started a movement under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina to establish the right of the people of this country to rice and the right to vote.

[৬] He further said that this municipal election will be free and fair. I will do my best to cooperate for this. Quader Mirza warned not to play any game with the election and said that Ekramul Karim Chowdhury’s son has sent weapons even today.

[৭] He said the clanking of arms could not be allowed to continue in Kompaniganj. I also told the administration that Sirajpur had been set on fire and the secretary’s house in Char Elahi had been vandalized. From selecting it. May Allah protect them within two days. They can even kill someone. He can kill and impose on someone, he can also impose on me. They can do all this.

[৮] At this time, he said. Referring to the murder of Milon, said at the time left Dr. To intensify the movement by killing Milon. He also instructed the workers to be careful, noting that such incidents could happen to question the election. Edit: Happy