[১] Militia forces are a tool of various countries in the Middle East

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[১] Militia forces are a tool of various countries in the Middle East

Sirajul Islam: [২] In order to create influence in other countries, create chaos and deal with the enemy, several countries have formed militia forces. The United States was not left out either. Due to the relatively low cost, they are feeding this force along with the defense forces. There are also women members in these forces.

[৩] Iran has the largest militia. The name of their force in their own country is Kurdish Force. These are the most powerful militia forces. They have rocket research cells. In Iraq, the country’s militia is the Popular Mobilization Force. Hezbollah in Lebanon and Houthi rebels in Yemen are also known as Iranian militias. Several groups in Syria are fighting on their behalf.

[৪] Iranian militias are fighting ice. U.S. forces are also the target of their attacks. They are also enemies of Israel.

[৫] The United States is supporting the SDF militia in Syria. They are also known as Kurdish forces. They are simultaneously fighting the Assad government, IS, Turkish and Russian forces.

[৬] Although there are no names, there are pro-Turkish fighters in Syria. They are fighting against IS and SDF. Half of the 30,000-member SDF forces are Kurdish and the rest are Arab fighters. Kurds make up 15 percent of Turkey’s population. If this force heads, it will have an effect inside Turkey.

[৭] Hamas was initially known as a militia force in Palestine. Later it took the form of a political party. Elected, they now control Gaza.

[৮] There are allegations that pro-Turkish Syrian militias are fighting for Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh. Sources: Al Jazeera, BBC, Gulf News



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