[১] Protest in Brazil not to vaccinate China, ‘We are not guinea pigs’ slogan

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[১] Protest in Brazil not to vaccinate China, ‘We are not guinea pigs’ slogan

Rashidul Islam: [২] Chinese vaccine company Synovac is administering vaccine doses to thousands of people under the auspices of the Butantan Institute in Sao Paulo. The larger trial of the third episode is underway in Brazil. Citizens of the country have been protesting in Rio de Janeiro about how safe the Chinese vaccine is or whether it is being forced. The protests took place in Sao Paulo, another city in Brazil. Washington Times / Yahoo.com / Times of India

[৩] Anti-vaccine slogans on the face. Protesters are also demanding the removal of Sao Paulo Governor Joao Doria. President Bolsonaro has implicit support for the anti-vaccination movement.

[৪] In Brazil, there have been various reactions to the Chinese vaccine through social media and many have questioned whether it is safe.

[৫] Candidates are speaking for and against the mayoral and city council elections in Brazil later this month and the Chinese vaccine in this election campaign.

[৬] A survey found that in October, 83 percent of people were in favor of getting the Chinese vaccine, but before that, 85 percent wanted to get the vaccine. In July, 6 percent of Brazilians were against the Chinese vaccine, but now it has risen to 22 percent.
[৭] An analysis by the Getulio Vargas Foundation found that 24 million Twitter posts showed that 24 percent were supporters of President Bolsonaro and 56 percent did not want the Chinese vaccine.

[৮] However, Dimas Kovas, head of the Butantan Institute, said the Sinovac vaccine had good results in the body of the volunteers.

[৯] It is alleged that the governor of Sao Paulo ordered thousands of people to be vaccinated in China.



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