[১] Trump is looking for new lawyers to deal with the impeachment

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[১] Trump is looking for new lawyers to deal with the impeachment

Lihan Lima: [২] After the US House of Representatives impeached President Donald Trump, his fate now hangs in the balance. Top Republicans, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McClean, have said they will vote to impeach Trump if they incite violence in the Capitol on Jan. 8. Reuters / Daily Mail

[৩] In such a situation, Trump is looking for a new lawyer to get rid of the impeachment proceedings and allegations of inciting violence in the capital. It is learned that he is considering law professor John Eastman. Eastman has previously spoken out in favor of Trump over vote rigging. Asked if he would be on Trump’s legal team to deal with the impeachment process, he said, “If the president of the United States considers me, I will be ready to help him.”

[৪] Rudy Gilani, a personal lawyer with Trump’s ally and former Harvard law professor Alan Darshoitz, is also on the legal team. However, Trump is angry at Gilani for failing to stop the official recognition of Joe Biden’s victory in the election, as well as the ban on Trump’s life ban on Twitter.

[৫]Insiders say Trump has threatened Gilani with failure. As punishment, he ordered his staff to cut Gilani’s one-day salary (হাজার 20,000). He also instructed not to pay any expenses for his travels. Gilani declined to comment.



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