Another Mashrafe in Narail

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Sports Desk: Today’s MP Mashrafe bin Mortaza is from that Kaushik walking in the picture. There is a 20-year cricket career behind becoming today’s Mashrafe. When Mashrafe goes to Narail, there is a festival every day.

If a cricket tournament is added to this, then it is frozen. That’s exactly what happened. The ‘Bangabandhu Victory Day T20 Cup’ started on December 30 with 5 teams in the style of Bangabandhu T20 Cup organized by Bangladesh Cricket Board. The final of this long way tournament was held last (Tuesday) 12th January.

The presence of Mashrafe bin Mortaza in the final of the tournament was overwhelming. Many people knew about Mashrafe’s presence. It is said that he was not told to go to surprise.

Departing at night, arriving in the morning and rushing to the field with a little rest in the morning. Again, not through a car or protocol, go to the field in a three-wheeled van. The day of the final started by surprising everyone. Mashrafe, who is in overall management of the tournament, has worked like a member of the organizing committee for half of the match.

My three parts. Players, families and MPs. Everything else is ‘switched off’ when I am with my family. Just like that, the MP and the family switch off the playground and the other two are closed for political activities. Mashrafe bin Mortaza spent the remaining half of the match with the spectators on the field. He took pictures while walking all over the field with the visitors in the gallery. The iron bracket of the gallery seemed to match instantly with love.

That’s the way Mashrafe listened. No one outside the field had to hear ‘no’. Mashrafe, of course, never did anything about taking pictures of fans. It is raining on this day without asking for sunshine. After printing the final, the day became a day of Mashrafe.
At the end of the match, Mashrafe became a judge. A team named ‘Narail Express Foundation’ formed by him also took part in the tournament. Tried hard, got applause but couldn’t win a match. He called them and at first he heard harsh words, but at the end he said with courage, this is not the end. There is a long way to go.

Then what happens if you don’t turn on the political switch. A freedom fighter in his seventies brought a trial and made an immediate arrangement by calling the Superintendent of Police. Give the rest of the family a little time. The time to go has come closer. I have to say goodbye. Saying ‘Amma, I’m gone’, he said goodbye to his mother and spent some time with his uncles and aunts. Then we had to run towards Jessore airport. Earlier, Mashrafe bin Mortaza expressed satisfaction.
This is just the beginning. This time there may have been shortcomings in some places, but next time, God willing, they will not exist. This tournament will be regular. Not only cricket, but all sports including football and volleyball will be tried. – RTV News



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