Covid’s roadmap in Britain, not sex until May

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Covid’s roadmap in Britain, not sex until May

Rashid Riaz: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a four-tiered roadmap to tackle the Covid epidemic, advising people not to have sex until the end of next spring. This is bad news, especially for British citizens who are living alone and in lockdown or loneliness. But those who are married and living together are different. If they want, they can have sex with Covid Hygiene and enough caution. But unmarried people are forbidden to go in physical contact with their partner during this period. Star UK

Family and friends are encouraged to stay away from sex for a variety of reasons, including coping with cowardice and economic recovery. It is said that this health policy will help 1 lakh 20 thousand people to survive. So for a month I have been told to be careful of sex. As a result, schools, saloons, pubs and restaurants will be fully open. At the same time, they have been asked to refrain from organizing any party inside the house.

According to the British media, it is very difficult for the citizens of the country to comply with such restrictions. They have been assured that if the situation improves next summer, they will be able to move around as usual. Those who do not live with family or a partner are expected to suffer the most.