Death increased suddenly in the country!

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In the last 24 hours, 23 more people have died in Corona. The total death toll rose to 5,748 people. In addition, the new coronavirus has been identified in the bodies of another 1,209 people. So far, a total of 3 lakh 8 thousand 295 corona patients have been identified in the country.

This information was given in the press release of the Department of Health about the coronavirus on Saturday (October 18) afternoon. Additional Director General (Administration) Professor. The press release signed by Nasima Sultana further mentioned that 1,560 people recovered on this day. A total of 3 lakh 2 thousand 298 people have recovered.

Earlier on Friday (October 18), corona was identified in the bodies of 1,526 more people in the country. Besides, 15 more people went to Ma’ra among the victims. Meanwhile, according to the website WorldOmiter, which keeps statistics on the number of people infected with the coronavirus and the number of deaths, 4,12,917 people have been infected with the corona in different countries of the world till noon on Saturday.

So far, the total number of people infected with corona in the world stands at 3 crore 95 lakh 63 thousand 98 people. The death toll has risen to 11 lakh 9 thousand 72 people as 6 thousand 175 people have died anew. More than 2.97 crore people have returned home after recovering from the infection.

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