Government to distribute 75% of social security allowances in cash

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Government to distribute 75% of social security allowances in cash

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has inaugurated a program to send 75 per cent of the government’s social security allowance to the beneficiaries directly through mobile financial institutions. Message 24

The Prime Minister inaugurated the event on Thursday (January 14) morning with a virtual ceremony from Ganobhaban. 75% of the social security program allowance will be provided through the digital financial service ‘cash’ of Bangladesh Postal Department.

The inaugural ceremony was presided over by the Minister of Social Welfare Nuruzzaman Ahmed, was present as a special guest – State Minister of the Ministry of Social Welfare. Ashraf Ali Khan Khasru, Chief Secretary to the Prime Minister. Ahmed Kaikaus and Secretary of the Ministry of Social Welfare Mohammad Zainul Bari gave welcome speeches.

The government of Bangladesh distributes thousands of crores of rupees in allowances to the needy every year under the social security program. The government has already distributed allowance money through agent banking to 12 lakh 37 thousand beneficiaries in 6 upazilas in 21 districts in this assistance program sent by the government to the person (G-to-P).

Out of the total 8 lakh 50 thousand beneficiaries, the remaining 8 lakh 13 thousand beneficiaries will be given money in cash and another MFS. To distribute the allowances in this manner, the government held a demonstration in eight unions of eight divisions at the end of last year, on the basis of which the government decided to distribute 75 per cent of the allowances through ‘cash’. Eighty-five per cent of the beneficiaries of the ‘cash’ distribution are residents of 40 districts of the country.

Concerns have been raised that ‘cash’ has set an example in distributing the safest government allowances among the people. In return for the government’s confidence in ‘cash’, three-quarters of the allowances are being distributed through the ‘cash’ platform.

Beneficiaries do not have to spend any extra money to cash out this allowance from the government. The government will give a cash out charge of Tk 8 per thousand to the mobile financial service operator ‘cash’, the rest of the money will be borne by ‘cash’. As a result, the beneficiary does not have to spend any extra money to cash-out the government allowance.

This year, the government will provide this allowance under a total of four programs, with a total budget allocation of Tk 5,085.64 crore. Of these four programs, the number of elderly beneficiaries is 49 lakh, with the government allocating Tk 2,940 crore. The number of widows and husband abuse beneficiaries is 20 lakh 50 thousand, behind which the government allocation is 1 thousand 230 crore. The government has allocated Tk 1,720 crore for 18 lakh indigent persons with disabilities. Besides, the government will provide education stipend of Tk 95.64 crore for 1 lakh disabled students. The government will distribute Tk 5,085.84 crore against 650,000 people in these four sectors.

Earlier, during the Corona epidemic, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina distributed Eid gifts to 5 million helpless families through MFS, of which 1.6 million families received gifts through ‘cash’.

Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar said the distribution of social security program allowances through mobile financial services, especially cash, is a great example of digitalisation in the financial sector. “Cash is proof of how much trust and confidence the government service has created,” he said. Technically, ‘cash’ is so efficient that all government financial transactions with the public can provide this service to the postal department. In at least one case, I thank ‘cash’ for giving the government self-sufficiency. ”

Social Welfare Minister Nuruzzaman Ahmed MP said, “In the demo we have done for the distribution of social security program allowances, we have noticed that the technology of ‘cash’ is very modern and the scope of their services is very wide. Hopefully, in the shortest possible time in this process, the desired allowance of the government will reach the right person. ”

Social Welfare Secretary Mohammad Zainul Bari said, “Today we have started a new chapter in the distribution of social security allowances. And it was really wonderful for us to have a government service company there. Thanks for the cash. ”

“This is a historic moment for us,” said Tanvir A. Mishuk, managing director of Cash. We have always designed our services keeping in mind the country and the people of the country. That is why in a short time we have got the love of the government and the people. We believe that the day is not too far away when the ‘cash’ government will digitize the entire allowance distribution system and the people will understand their due without any hassle. ”



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