Greece sits on the Turkish border escalating tensions!

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Greece has installed two long-range acoustic devices (LRADs) on its border with Turkey to block the entry of refugees into its territory. Refugee rights activists are calling these devices sound cannons and sound bombs.

They say its loud noise can make people deaf. News Daily Sabah. According to various media reports, LRAD’s noise waves are very harmful to public health. The sound waves from this device can cause deafness and severe head and ear pain.

There may also be other health complications. In addition to LRAD, four drones, 15 thermal cameras, five Zodiac boats and 10 armed mobile vehicles have been deployed along the Turkish-Greek border.

In addition, additional surveillance systems are being set up along the Greek border and barbed wire fences are being built across the border with Turkey as part of restrictions on refugee entry. The military will also use six flying surveillance machines along the 26-kilometer border.

According to international standards, the use of LRAD to disperse people and stop riots is prohibited. These can only be used to chase wildlife coming towards the airport. They are also allowed to be used in gas and oil fields and in industrial and fuel centers.

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