Hurricane ‘Nivar’ is coming, will it affect Bangladesh?

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Hurricane ‘Nivar’ is coming, will it affect Bangladesh?

Desk Report: Cyclone ‘Nivar’ is coming towards India. The apparent light pressure created in the Bay of Bengal is in the form of low pressure in the southwestern Bay of Bengal. It could intensify further, taking the form of a cyclone, meteorologists said.

Abdur Rahman, a senior meteorologist at the Meteorological Department, said Bangladesh would not have much of a problem with the cyclone.

He said, ‘Even if it takes the form of a cyclone, its effect will not be felt in Bangladesh; Will go to India-Sri Lanka. The depression is far from Bangladesh. We don’t think there will be storms or rains here due to the impact of the cyclone. ‘

In its long-term forecast for November, the Meteorological Department said there could be a couple of depressions in the Bay of Bengal this month; Which can take the form of a cyclone.

In the first part of Agrahayan, the minimum temperature in the northern part of the country dropped to 10 degrees Celsius.

The Hindustan Times on Monday quoted sources in the Indian Meteorological Department as saying that the cyclone could hit Mamallapuram in Tamil Nadu and Karaik in Pondicherry next Wednesday. As a result, there is a possibility of heavy rainfall in these coastal states of South India.

According to Anandabazar, the deep depression over the south-west Bay of Bengal will turn into a cyclone and move towards the Tamil Nadu-Pondicherry coast in the next 24 hours.



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