I am basically an actor, not a singer, but I still sing for my audience: Fazlur Rahman Babu

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I am basically an actor, not a singer, but I still sing for my audience: Fazlur Rahman Babu

Imrul Shahed: TV and film actor Fazlur Rahman Babu’s main profession is acting, but his other identity is that he is also a singer. Recently, his song ‘I am reading today in the mud house in white clothes’ has been released on a YouTube channel. The title of the album of this song written by Arif Majumdar is ‘Bhaber Maya’. The melody of the song is composed by Mahidul Hasan. The video of the song sung by Babu was made by Shiul Babu. This song of the spiritual kind has already received quite a response.

When asked about this, Fazlur Rahman Babu said with a smile, ‘A song .. well I sang the song a few days ago. I sing sometimes. I don’t even know when a song is being aired. However, when the listeners say that they like the song, then I understand that the song has been promoted. I have a class of listeners in the countryside. In fact, I do not have a plan for the song. Don’t even think about the song.

I think acting is always there and that’s where I’m more serious. Even then, since I have some listeners, they like my songs so I have to sing. Different lyricists and composers have some needs to meet their requests, pressures and needs due to the relationship. Asked if Fazlur Babu could also be found as a singer, he said, ‘Not a singer. I’m basically an actor. ‘ However, the name of Fazlur Rahman Babu as a singer came to the notice of the audience after the release of the film Monpura in 2009. He has sung two songs in this film.

The songs are quite popular. Besides, he has sung all the five songs in Humayun Ahmed’s ‘Ghetuputra Kamala’. She also sang a song in Jazz Multimedia’s ‘Where will the girl go now’. The song is written by Gazi Mazharul Anwar and composed by Emon Saha. Fazlur Rahman Babu said, ‘They both won the National Film Award for the song. As a singer I just didn’t get it. But I got it for acting. ‘ An album titled Dubadubi has also been released with songs sung by Fazlur Rahman Babu. He has previously sung two songs on two albums, Manchor and Indubala.



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