I will do it in love with Bangabandhu, not with challenges: Good

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I will do it in love with Bangabandhu, not with challenges: Good

National Film Award winning actor Arifin Shuvo is going to act in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s biopic ‘Bangabandhu’. He will be seen in the role of Bangabandhu. It is being built by legendary Indian producer Shyam Benegal. Bangla News 24

Shuvo will take part in the shooting of the movie on January 25 in Mumbai. Earlier, the film’s artists including Arifin Shuvo met Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, daughter of Bangabandhu. Arifin spoke well with banglanews in this regard:

Although he recovered from Corona, he said that he had difficulty breathing, how is his physical condition now?

Arifin Shubh: The body is still very weak. Weakness is more than shortness of breath. When you go up the stairs, your legs tremble. I have been sick many times before, I have had surgery, but I have never been so weak in my life. The body has gone beyond my words. The doctor said it would take time to cut the weakness. I am taking necessary treatment and medicine.

Shooting after a while, then

Arifin Shubh: Only the mercy of Allah and the strength of mind – I am taking these two. Let’s see.

How to prepare for ‘Bangabandhu’ biopic?

Arifin Shubh: I was convinced on February 8 last year to do this. Before that, I had auditioned four to five times in three months at home and abroad. I was given confirmation in February. Shooting was scheduled to begin in March. But stuck for Corona. I did not say so long, because I was not allowed to say. From that time till now I have tried to read the Father of the Nation as much as possible, see his footage, hear about him. I have tried to know about the political and personal life of Bangabandhu from 1920 to 1975 from those who have seen him closely.

When are you going to Mumbai to take part in the shooting?

Arifin Shubh: I’m leaving on January 19th. I will have my last workshop before shooting from January 20-24. My shooting is going on there till April 10. Then shooting will be in Bangladesh in September.

How did you feel when you heard that you were finalized as the father of the nation?

Arifin Shubh: Tears did not come in front of everyone after hearing. But immediately after hiding, tears flowed from his eyes. That is tears of joy. When people are extremely happy, there is no language to express it. People can express all the happiness or attainment of the world. But this attainment is far above the worldly world – which I do not know any language to express. As a human being, as a Bengali and as an artist – I can’t find any words to express this feeling from these three places.

After meeting with the Prime Minister and prayed, what was the experience like?

Arifin Shubh: He said a lot about his father. I have tried to know as much as possible. As far as I have heard from her, it will be much more helpful to do the job. It will be much more helpful to work for the things you know in a few moments than to meet him in this one year than the number of workshops I have done.

When the Prime Minister said, “Shubh, do my father’s character well,” what did he say in reply?

Arifin Shubh: I said pray. That scene is still fresh in our eyes, when the Prime Minister was leaving after talking to us for three or four hours, everyone was surrounding him. I was watching him from a distance and I was trying to keep that scene in the back of my mind. As he was leaving, he could not see me, so he smiled and called out, ‘Where is my father?’ Then I stepped forward, asking for blessings again. He said, ‘Do it with your mind. ‘That’s all I have to keep for the rest of my life. It’s the biggest asset of my life so far.

Put yourself in the role of the father of the nation, how much challenge do you feel?

Arifin Shubh: We were not during the liberation war, nor were we in Bayannet. A freedom fighter of that time or a man, the way you can fill him – that’s not what we saw. But I am fascinated and in love with the person Bangabandhu. When someone falls in love, he becomes blind. There are words – blind in love. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman says that man, I have fallen in love with him. And when there is love, the challenge does not come. I will work out of love, not with challenges. I’m not going to war, I’m going to do a great job, winning or losing is not an issue. It is a matter of love for me, I will do the work with all my possessions by following his ideals.

Banglanews: Did you have to make any physical changes to present yourself in the character of Bangabandhu?

Arifin Shubh: The Sheikh Mujib in our eyes was not the same Bangabandhu and the 26-28 year old Bangabandhu. There were many leaks. Everything was going well until Corona. But the doctor told me to eat a lot for fatigue after corona. Now I can’t do any diet even if I want to. Then I will not be able to do the job again. Talked to the team about it; Tim says not to worry. And I believe director Shyam Benegal must have seen something in me, otherwise he would not have auditioned me four or five times in three or four months. Surely he found something in me, trusting me. So took me.

Going to do a historical work, took the mother’s blessing?

Arifin Shubh: My mother is sick, it is called mental disorder in Bengal. That’s not all he understands. The first time I entered the house after confirmation, I told him. He then put his hand on my head.

Say something for the fans?

Arifin Shubh: Just a request to everyone- pray for me, bless me, wish me well; So that I can do my best to get the job done. I just woke up from Corona, there is also physical weakness. It was no longer intentional. Incidentally. I will ask my countrymen, my friends and enemies to pray for me.



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