‘In the Crisis of Islam’ – a strong response to President Macron’s statement

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French President Emmanuel Macron has said that Islam is in crisis around the world because of extremism. He said a bill was being introduced in December to strengthen a 1905 law on religion. Through this, fundamentalism will be eradicated in France and initiatives are being taken so that everyone can live together. Because secularism is the basis of France.

He also noted that not all Muslims are responsible for extremism. Hijab has already been banned in France. It is feared that the new law will take a tougher line on Islam. Yasir Lawati, a Muslim human rights activist in the country, said Muslims were harassed in various ways. Now it is being promised.

Lawati accused the president of inciting anti-Muslim leftists. People of other religions have also condemned the president’s remarks. The words or adjectives used by President Macron in his speech to more than an hour in an immigrant-populated area near Paris on Friday about Islam and French Muslims are rare in France.

He says he is bringing in new legislation to deal with groups, institutions and individuals who are undermining the unity of France and the “secular values” of the French Republic. He has clearly identified “hardline Islam” as the so-called enemy of French society.

President Macron said “secularism is the key to France’s unity.” “We have to fight against those who want to crack down on them in the name of religion,” he said. — Al Jazeera

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