Jaya Bachchan lost her temper again

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Desk Report: The paparazzi captured the stars as soon as they saw them. The stars are also seen posing with smiles. But Jaya Bachchan is not like that. Jaya Bachchan’s notoriety for misbehaving with the paparazzi in her photo shoot is not new. Many people looked back and said, ‘Jaya is in a bad mood’. Once again he did the same thing, Jaya Bachchan was very upset to see the paparazzi.

Recently Jaya Bachchan went to the dental clinic. As soon as he got out of the car, the camera flashed. That’s when Jaya Bachchan got angry. He said, have you reached here? How do you understand? The paparazzi apologized to the veteran actress. They were heard to say, they recognized Jaira’s car.

Why is Jaya Bachchan angry when paparazzi take pictures? Earlier, Shweta Bachchan Nanda had said that her mother was actually claustrophobic. That is, when a lot of people crowd around her mother, she feels different. He was very upset when he took the picture without asking him.

Source: Bangladesh Daily



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