KRK says Shiney Ahuja told him ‘Bhatt Sahab’ would ‘take care’ of his career after release from jail


  • Amid his feud with Salman Khan and his supporters, KRK has made a new claim about Shiney Ahuja. The self-proclaimed critic has said that he met Shiney following the actor’s release from jail.

PUBLISHED ON JUN 07, 2021 02:02 PM IST

In a new series of tweets on Monday, Kamaal R Khan, also known as KRK, has claimed that he met Shiney Ahuja soon after the actor was released from jail with a movie offer. The Gangster star was sentenced to jail in 2011 for raping his domestic help in 2009.

The self-proclaimed critic took to Twitter and said that he met Shiney at a hotel in Delhi with the offer but the actor apparently refused and said that ‘Bhatt Sahab (presumably referring to Mahesh Bhatt) and Madhur Bhandarkar’ assured him that they would take care of his career.

“I met #ShineyAhuja at a hotel in Delhi right after the release from jail. I wanted him to do a film of a director. I told him u shud do it coz u won’t get any other film. He said-Bhatt Sahab & Madhur Bhandarkar told me-you take care of ur case n we will take care of ur career,” he said.

“I told him- They are lying to you. Your career is finished. And see, today he can’t get work in serials also. So problem is this in the Bollywood that nobody wants to hear the truth. Everybody wants to live in the world of good dreams,” KRK added.

In 2015, Shiney made a comeback to movies with Welcome Back. Speaking with a leading daily at the time, Shiney claimed he was “flooded with film offers”. However, the actor did not appear in any other movie after Welcome Back.

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Meanwhile, KRK’s latest claims have come amid his feud with actor Salman Khan, singer Mika Singh and others supporting the actor. According to the Radhe star’s lawyers, he has filed a defamation case against KRK over his allegations of money laundering. However, KRK maintains that it is over his unfavourable review of the actor’s Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai.

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