Like Begum Zia, I came up with the consequences in my head – VP Nur

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Former VP of Dakshur Nurul Haque Nur said, ‘The way I am being targeted one after another is being hamla with Chhatra League-Juba League, but I have not stopped. The way BNP leader Khaleda Zia has been imprisoned for two years on false charges, I am nothing.

I do not have millions of leaders and activists like Khaleda Zia. But I know my fate could be the same as Begum Zia’s, ”Nur said at a discussion on the sixth death anniversary of linguist Abdul Matin at the public health center in the capital’s Dhanmondi on Saturday (October 16th).

At the same time, he added, ‘Awami League leader Maqsood Kamal has said in the talk show that the fate of VP Noor will be like that of Khaleda Zia. But I say, if 160 million people in this country are released in exchange for one of my lives, then I have sacrificed my life.

No mass movement succeeded without abandonment. So there will be a request to the people, there is no time to sit now, the call for mass movement will come very soon. Regarding the mid-term elections, former VP Noor said, ‘You (government) have seen the whole country roaring.

You can’t stay in power by force even if you want to. But if you want to return safely, arrange a mid-term election yourself. If a caretaker government is to be included in the constitution for fair and free elections, then so be it. If you want to return safely.

And if you want, like Ershad, or all the dictators in the world who have had tragic consequences, then wait for the people’s movement. ‘ Presidium member of the Bhasani Followers Council Naeem Jahangir presided over the discussion.

Jonaid Saki, the main coordinator of the mass solidarity movement, Professor of Political Science. Dilara Chowdhury, nationalist freedom fighter’s generation convener Kalam Fayezi, freedom fighter and former councilor. Farid Uddin and others

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