‘Look at India, what a mess!’

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Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized India and China in the run-up to the upcoming presidential election. This time too he gave a strong message against the two countries regarding the pollution episode. Trump has called India and China “dirty countries” in the last debate on the US presidential election.

“Look at China and India, how dirty the air is,” he said in the debate. Look at Russia .. the air there is also very dirty.

Commenting on the Paris Accord on Thursday (October 22nd), Trump said, “We came out of the Paris Accord because I had to step in with a trillion dollars.” And with us there was being used in a very bad way.

According to Trump, I can’t afford to lose billions of jobs, companies for the Paris Accord. It is through this message that he has once again clarified the role of his administration in the context of pollution.

According to analysts, the US president has repeatedly spoken negatively about Modi in front of the media. And he kept that tradition alive in the final debate of the US presidential election.

Donald Trump says the country cannot be shut down completely, nor can 99.9 percent of the people in the United States be healed. However, the corona vaccine has arrived in the country.

On the other hand, Joe Biden pointed a finger at Trump and said that the person responsible for the deaths of 2.2 million people could not be kept in the masonry. Because of this, the darkness of winter may darken in front of the Americans.


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