Mithila is not left out!

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Rafiat Rashid Mithila is the most talked about name in the showbiz arena. Especially the last few months. A great chemistry after leaving the house with Tahsan. The house collapsed in a hurry. Mithila’s dream is arranged anew. These have been regularly in the headlines.

Today when the whole world is trembling. When the neighborhood is going on, don’t do the miking of resistance. Or various instructions to escape from the clutches of the deadly brother Ras by obeying the social distance. Then Mithila was at the negotiating table again.

Mithila is a popular singer, songwriter, composer, actress and model in Bangladesh. He started his career as a professional development worker. At the end of his education he joined BRAC as a researcher. He then moved to the United States to work in the Minneapolis Public School District.

After a year there, he returned to Bangladesh and started working at Scholastic High School. He was also a lecturer at Northern University. He has equally gained a reputation in acting.

Mithila was married to musician Tahsan in 2006. After the marriage, the two have jointly released multiple song albums. In 2013, the couple’s house was lit by their only daughter, I’ra.

But a sudden commotion. All dreams were shattered in an instant. They got divorced in July 2016. Later, on December 6, 2019, Mithila married Srijit Mukherjee, one of the most popular filmmakers in India.

Tahsan is also spending his time like this. Thinking anew! Mithila has forgotten Tahsan a lot. He doesn’t comment on her anymore. Are these two lines true at all?

What I found on Instagram recently seems to smell like something else. What else is that. Let’s be a little open. Mithila is in Bangladesh due to lockdown. And you are created in India. Although the two have not met face to face, they can talk on the phone and online.

But Tahsan is also among them. But not real, in the virtual world. Mithila has not completely deleted Tahsan even after the divorce. Such evidence was found on Tuesday (May 12). It is seen that Mithila is following Tahsan on Instagram.

A skinshot of him has also spread in the net world. There is a lot of discussion about this in some groups. Some people say that Mithila has not forgotten Tahsan yet. Some say Mithila sees Tahsan’s picture in secret. One says again in a tone of annoyance and nothing is left out.

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