Overlord’s Julius Avery Directing New Van Helsing Movie


Long before Universal’s Dark Universe arrived with more of a damp squib than a big bang, the studio tried to crossover its monster properties with Stephen SommersVan Helsing. That… also didn’t work out so well, but the studio is still interested in the character, with hopes that Overlord director Julius Avery and horror expert James Wan as producer can make it work this time.

Naturally, the details are being kept safe and secure in a dark castle for now, but the aim will be to keep the success train kicked off by The Invisible Man rolling, re-inventing the monster stories again through the world of Van Helsing. Though, and this is just us guessing, it’ll focus more on the monster hunter and (hopefully) not try to do too much in terms of adding other characters or creatures.

Avery is now at work on a new draft of the script that originated with Eric Pearson, so expect this one to wait for a while, especially since the director is already shooting superhero tale Samaritan with Sylvester Stallone starring.

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