Srilekha is joining politics!

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Srilekha is joining politics!

Entertainment desk: Srilekha Mitra. Popular actress from Kolkata. He often came to the discussion for various reasons. Also vocal all the time on social media. The center of attraction again is this actress. But this time not with any acting or any controversial statement. This time there is an uproar about his joining politics.

The actress was present at the official inauguration of a free coaching class on behalf of the CPM in Barahanagar, Kolkata on Sunday (November 22). Then the question arose, is Srilekha joining politics.

In this regard, Srilekha said, ‘I am a hard leftist. Not today, always. He first came out publicly after attending a digital platform event of Sourav Paldhi. Left leaders also know that I have their support.

Everyone writes in the government party but when asked why you are writing in the main opposition party, Srilekha said, ‘Suddenly you can paint yourself in green or purple. But it doesn’t happen suddenly when it comes to supporting the red flag. He needs education. Because, this is a political party very educated. ‘

But the prestige of the left parties is at the bottom! Rejecting it in one word, the actress said, ‘If you notice a little, you can see that the red flag is waking up again. There have been working canteens in many places. This team has set up a cheap market in Corona. He is organizing a blood donation camp.



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