Sweet-smiling actress Rashmika now owns Rs 100 crore

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Sweet-smiling actress Rashmika now owns Rs 100 crore

Entertainment Desk: Rashmika Mandana, has not yet set foot in Bollywood; Yet it is now a national crush for the younger generation in India. It is a well-known name for those who know the world of glamor. Bollywood superstars like Deepika, Katrina, Disha Patni have left all the heroines behind. If you search for ‘National Crush of India’ in Google, you will see Rashmi’s picture.

However, the world of glamor does not mean Bollywood, and even if you search in Bollywood, you will not find Rashmika. Because he has not set foot in Bollywood yet. She is basically the heroine of Kannada film. He made his debut in the Kannada film ‘Kirik Party’ in 2016. Apart from Kannada, Rashmika is also working in Telugu films. He has been liked by the audience so much that in this short span of time he has become the owner of Rs 100 crore. Searching all over India, you will not find any actress who has made so much money in such a short time.

Rashmika was born in Birajpet, Karnataka. She has been studying and modeling since she was in college. He has also been seen in many advertisements. The director of the Kannada film ‘Kirik Party’ liked him after seeing a picture of him during the shooting of the advertisement. The director himself offered him the picture.

In 2016, she got engaged to southern hero Rakshit Shetty. But as the years go by, their separation also happens. They are known from the film ‘Kirik Party’. Rakshita starred opposite him in this film.

Since coming to the world of glamor, Rashmika has not had to look back. So far, every one of his films has been a commercial success. Rashmika, who rose to prominence in her career, has long been known as the crush of Karnataka. This time it became a national crush along with Karnataka. Her impossibly sweet smile. There is magic in Rashmi’s smile. And the young generation is mesmerized by that smile that has deceived the world. There have been so many searches on Google with his name that he is now National Crush.

Earlier, actress Disha Patani was a national crush. Rashmika came forward leaving the direction behind in that run. The way Rashmika is progressing, she will get a chance in Bollywood very soon. Millions of his fans across the country are waiting for his sacrificial debut. Source: Anandabazar Patrika.



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