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Desk Report: Hero Alam, the producer and protagonist of the movie ‘Sahasi Hero Alam’ has become angry after the cinema authorities stopped showing the movie after seven days. In his opinion, the owners of different theaters in the country had expressed interest in showing the film in theaters for several more days. But Anand and Rhythm turned their backs on the film because of the general manager’s remarks. That is what Hero Alam has demanded.

A news was published under the headline ‘Crowd outside the cinema hall to see Hero Alam, empty inside’. Mohammad Shamsuddin, general manager of Anand and Chhand Cinema Hall, said in the news, ‘If the movie goes on, we have the cost. Other times the cost goes up but in this case you have to spend money from the pocket. I never thought it would happen. ‘

Hero Alam’s ‘Brave Hero Alam’ was released on October 16 at Ananda Cinema Hall. Alam claimed that such statements about his picture had created a negative reaction.

Hero Alam said: It is my crime not to look good

For this reason, some hall owners have canceled the second week booking of the film. Such statements are propaganda in his name. He protested the statement and lodged a complaint with the Film Producers, Distributors Association and Film Exhibitors Association, Hero Alam said. According to sources in the Film Producers and Distributors Association, Hero Alam has lodged a verbal complaint in this regard. However, they did not receive any written complaint.

After about seven months, conditionally, the cinema hall was allowed to open on October 16. While many producers have new films ready, no one is ready to release them. In this situation, ‘Sahasi Hero Alam’ has been released in the cinema hall in the first week as the only new film. The film was released in 39 theaters across the country. Hero Alam claims that his films have done a fair business in most of the movies. He hoped his film would be shown in a few more movies in the second week.

They are not taking pictures of me. However, I have complained to the Film Exhibitors Association and the Producers Association.
Asked what lies the general manager of ‘Anand’ and ‘Chhand’ cinema halls had told, Hero Alam said that his film had sold for Rs 16,000 from Anand Cinema Hall in the last four days. But the general manager said that he has earned only 6 thousand rupees. Anand and Chhand Cinema Hall will file a case in the name of the authorities if they do not get a fair trial in this regard. The exhibition ‘Sahasi Hero Alam’ has been closed at Ananda Cinema Hall since October 22.

Hero Alam said, ‘I have talked to some cinema hall owners. They promised to take pictures of me. But the general manager of Anand Cinema Hall said, my picture is a superduper flop. I have been earning Rs 8,000 in the last four days and my picture is worthless. Hearing this lie, many hall owners have canceled next week’s bookings.

Mohammad Shamsuddin, general manager of ‘Anand’ and ‘Chhand’ cinema halls, said, ‘I don’t know anything about the allegations. I told the owner of another cinema hall how much money the movie ‘Sahasi Hero Alam’ has made. There is nothing false here. I will also announce the amount of business soon. ‘Hero Alam further claimed that a third cycle is working on how to’ flop ‘his pictures. His picture is being called ‘dishonorable’. “I don’t understand what they mean by ‘dishonorable’,” said Hero Alam. Why would my picture be disrespectful. Rehana Jolly has acted in my film. He has acted in Shakib Khan, Manna, Rubel films. In the film, Nancy, Pratik Hasan sang. The story is good. The location is also good. Even then they said my picture is disrespectful. ‘ The Prothom-alo



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