The producer looked for hope for the shooting!

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The producer looked for hope for the shooting!

Entertainment desk: Actress Asha died in a road accident on January 4. Seven days after his death, a producer is looking for him to shoot. Ashar was scheduled to shoot for five days in Chittagong. The producer called his mother’s number without finding her.

Such information has been published by a leading media of the country. Producer Shahin Rahman has not been able to get Asha on the phone for some time. After collecting the number, he called Asha’s mother. Asha’s mother Parveen Akhter became speechless for some time. After hearing the news of Asha’s death, the producer expressed his sorrow.

Mentioning that she could have shot if the girl was alive, Asha’s mother told News on January 13 (Wednesday) that the director did not know that my daughter was dead. Hope is dead but he did not understand that it is the hope of BTV. He called three days ago. I was surprised to hear him.

In a tearful voice, Asha’s mother added, “I want justice for my daughter’s killer.”

Producer Shahin Rahman said Ashar was supposed to take part in the filming in Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar from January 15 to 20. She called Asha to talk about call time, screenplay and shooting dress. Time



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