The speculation about Bubli is not over yet

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The speculation about Bubli is not over yet

Imrul Shahed: Bubli is said to have come out of hiding, but in fact he is communicating with a very limited number of people. Although his name has been discussed in various ways in the current star crisis, the reality is different. No one can contact him. The casino movie starring Saikat Nasir will be released soon. He is expected to be present at the promotion. But Saikat Nasir offered him a new photo. But Bubli indirectly returned the film demanding a salary of one million rupees.

Pooja Cheri is working there now. This means there is no value difference between Bubli and Pooja Cheri as a star or no one is making a difference. Where someone’s picture is not succeeding in trade, it is not possible to determine the star price. Besides, none of the people who have made pictures about Bubli before can contact him. So where people in his profession can’t communicate with him, how did he break the cover? Sometimes he contacted some people of Shakib Gharana and informed them about his Dhaka location and again he withdrew himself.

This is also an entertainment given by Bubli. Nine films starring Bubli have been released so far. These include Basagiri, Shooter, Rangbaj, Ahangkar, Chittagong Maya Noakhali Pola, Super Hero, Captain Khan, Password, I didn’t find people like Mann and Bir. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But the password picture has done extensive business. Shakib Khan was the protagonist opposite Bubli in this film. Recently Nawab Khan LLB starring Shakib Khan has been released on OTT platform Itheater. Also in two episodes. So even if it is made with film artists, no one is reluctant to call it a film. Many have started calling it a web series. Another reason not to say the film is that the film was not censored. Director Ananya Mamun also had to go to jail because of Nawab LLB. Now, after a long break, if Shakib and Bubli become a couple again, will there be any benefit to the film business?



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