The United States is giving terrible weapons to attack China!

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The United States has approved the sale of some অস্ত্র 1.6 billion worth of weapons to neighboring Taiwan in a bid to attack Asian power China. The move by the US administration has led to tensions with China

The Pentagon says three types of weapons will be sold to Taiwan under the agreement, according to the BBC. Which includes rocket launchers, sensors and artillery.

After the Chinese Communist Revolution, Taiwan seceded from China in 1949. China does not accept this separation and considers Taiwan as a province of its own. China’s tensions with Taiwan have gradually increased in recent years. Beijing has not ruled out the possibility of using force to reclaim the territory.

Last week, US National Security Advisers Robert O’Brien said he did not think China was ready to attack Taiwan. However, he said that the island needs to strengthen itself for the future.

Taiwan’s defense ministry says the weapons purchased from the United States will build credible combat capabilities and strengthen the development of consistent combat.

According to the agreement, Taiwan will buy 135 cruise missiles capable of hitting targets accurately, mobile light rocket launchers capable of attaching to warplanes and air reconnaissance pods.

Over the past few months, the United States has increased its involvement in Taiwan. Health and Human Services Minister Alex Azar visited Taiwan last August as the highest-ranking political representative in the United States in decades.

China reacted angrily when the top US envoy met with then-island President Xi Jinping. At the same time, Beijing warns that Washington should not give any wrong signal on the issue of Taiwan’s independence in order to avoid serious damage to Sino-US relations.

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