Today, girls don’t need to wait for Krishna to save them. It’s time our Lakshmis became Kaalis

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Other than acting, Shashank Vyas is passionate about poetry. Since earlier this year, he has been sharing his poems with the world via Instagram. Be it the plight of migrant labourers or Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely death, the Laila Manju actor expresses his emotions and feelings through his poems. Vyas was devastated by the recent Hathras case, where a 19-year-old girl was gang-raped by four men, and he realised that it’s time women stood up for themselves and fought to protect their self. So, he penned a poem, Kab Tak, and got an animated video and even dubbed for it.

Through his poem, Vyas wants the women of our country to fight for their safety and honour. He says, “Once our women become daring enough to beat the shit out of these monsters, believe me, no one will ever think of doing something like that to a woman. Today, girls don’t need to wait for Krishna to come and save them. It’s time our Lakshmis became Kaalis.”


With rape cases being reported almost daily, the actor feels there should be fast track courts and strict action taken against the accused. “I think women should fight and defend themselves. If a victim is alive, she should be given the right to choose the punishment of those monsters, and if she is not, then the other women in her family should decide the punishment. How long will they wait for the law and judiciary to take action? And even if the accused is arrested, they are being fed on the taxpayer’s money, so what good is that. It’s high time women took the charge.”

The Balika Vadhu star speaks his mind on social media and doesn’t bother about being trolled or criticised. “I don’t care what the others say. Whatever I do, it is for myself. I don’t like to hold back as I need to let it out. I will always write what I feel. People do ask, how will my poem or a post make a difference and I say, by doing something, at least, I’ve started somewhere, but by questioning me like that, you are still far away from any kind of change,” he signs off.


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