When will the IPL roll on the field again? Sourav Ganguly informed

The 14th IPL has been postponed as one cricketer after another has been attacked by Corona. The BCCI tried to keep the competition going even though Kovid jumped all over India.

But in the last few days, several cricketers have been infected with the virus and the arrival of Corona through the biosphere has finally backfired. However, Sourav Ganguly wants to host the remaining 30 matches of the IPL at any time of the year.


In this regard, Ganguly said, “We all wanted to end this competition together. But more than one cricketer was infected with the virus and eventually the IPL had to be stopped in the middle. In fact, it is a very contagious disease. So no more risks. But time is still at hand. If the environment is normal, I will try to organize the remaining 30 matches at some point in the year. “

Commenting on the resumption of the postponed IPL, BCCI vice-president Rajiv Shukla said, “It remains to be seen whether we can host another IPL tournament this year. We could start the tournament again in September, but that is not possible right now. In the current situation, it is better not to organize the tournament.

On the other hand, IPL chairman Brijesh Patel said, ‘Now we have to find a free time. As soon as we get the window, we will organize IPL again. We will have to see if this is possible in September. At this time, the plans of the ICC and cricket boards also need to be verified.


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