Why Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi resigned voluntarily!

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Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi voluntarily resigned from the post of Muhtamim of Chittagong Darul Uloom Muinul Islam Hathazari Madrasa. The decision was announced after a meeting of the shura members of the madrasa on Thursday. Today’s meeting decided on a few more issues, a. Allama Ahmad Shafi resigned from the post of Director General voluntarily and Muhtamim was appointed to the post.

B. From now on the madrasa will be run by the shura c. Maulana Nurul Islam Jadid has been released from the madrasa. Students of Hathazari Madrasa have been protesting in the field since yesterday. Outraged students of Hathazari Madrasa started the protest on Wednesday (September 16) at the Hathazari Madrasa ground from Johar on Wednesday.

After the decision to expel Maulana Anas Madani, one of the ‘demands of the students’, was taken last night, the situation has calmed down but the students are protesting again today. The protest that started in the morning has not been brought under control yet. Allama Ahmad Shafi, the director general of the madrasa, held a meeting with teachers in Hathazari in the morning to discuss the closure of the madrasa.

Today, therefore, the student movement can be seen again. Meanwhile, the government has announced the closure of Darul Uloom Mueenul Islam Hathazari Madrasa in Chittagong. The order was issued in a notification of the Ministry of Education on Thursday evening.

According to a circular signed by Syed Azgar Ali, Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Education, Al-Jamiatul Ahlia Darul Uloom Muinul Islam Madrasa in Hathazari Upazila of Chittagong District has been reopened due to non-compliance with the conditions for opening the book section of Qawmi Madrasa. This order will be effective immediately.

Meanwhile, the central takmil examination of the highest authority of Qawmi Madrasa ‘Al Hayatul Uliya Lil Jamiatil Qawmia Bangladesh’ is scheduled to start on September 20 (Saturday). The ongoing movement may have an impact on the test.

Concerned quarters are expressing fears that the central examination of Hayatul Uliya will be canceled. The idea is that if the Hathazari Madrasa is declared closed, the students will spread all over the country. The ongoing movement may spread across the country.

It is learned that a meeting of scholars representing the capital Dhaka may be held to resolve the ongoing situation and problems. If necessary, a representative team of scholars will go to Hathazari. A reliable source said they would try to calm the situation.

The demands of the agitating students were: Immediate expulsion of Maulana Anas Madani, son of Allama Shafi, Director General of Hathazari Madrasa (which has already been implemented). The power to appoint, remove or remove madrasa teachers is given to the shura in the Majlis, the re-appointment of Haqqani scholars of the past shura and the expulsion of controversial and identified persons from the shura.

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